About Us
We thought of you like no one else would do: helping you to find and receive the help you dearly need and/or empowering you to give the help you didn't know you could make happen; while offering you the window to Buy donated items/services at the most affordable price anywhere around the world.
Ogadonate connects everyone: NGOs, students, researchers, politicians, communities, traders, start-ups, corporates, religious bodies, or individuals to ask for help or give help in form of items, skills/service or cash. And we track all these, giving you a mirror of your social currency.

Everywhere you go, you see so many persons and communities who groan in lack and scarcity from youths who graduate without jobs, to the poor lady/man, who needs help for a medical challenge, firms, researchers and individuals with entrepreneurial ideas or innovative initiatives who needs fund to develop solutions to the problems facing our society or a community who simply need drinkable water for their daily use. The list is endless!

Yet, in the same society, you see mass of unused and idle items littered everywhere unnoticed in various homes and offices; either because the owners have outgrown them or the items no longer meet their needs. Whereas, The item no longer fit for use by someone or organization may be a perfect fit for another and someone can make just good use of the cash from an idle item to solve a personal, social or community need.

Added to this, is the presence of surplus and idle service capacity among us waiting to be engaged. Professionals, technicians artists or ordinary people possess an amount of of resourceful idle time that someone somewhere would made do of , if there are channels to donate these services to those who need them or as an offering to those who can pay for them in support of those who need cash money.

Why buy at Ogadonate

At OGADONATE we don’t just connect you to the cause that matters, we empower those with verified needs or causes: preventive or curative; we provide you with feedback information on how your giving is utilized while growing your digital social coin account And promoting your CSR recognition .when you buy from the platform, just buying at the most affordable price anywhere but you are helping someone meet a need or advancing a cause within or outside your network. Why not buy from here , and get the added satisfaction that the proceeds of your purchases are helping to solve a genuine need somewhere.

OGADONATE is a brainchild of Bridgewaters Foundation, a non-profit firm committed to unlocking prosperity and abundance